The luminaries are targeted for illumination of facades of buildings, monuments of architecture, advertising designs. The luminaries are equipped with secondary optics, which allows the formation of various types of indoor light intensity.

In this product, an innovative technology of heat removal FINFREE was used – the radiators installed in lamp are made from a specially selected composition of heat-conducting materials.

OPTIMA are designed for console mounting on standard lighting supports with a diameter of no more than 48mm. They can also be mounted to the wall using a standard console bracket.

The luminaries are equipped with reliable console brackets with U-clamps, is provided with a discrete adjustment of the angle of inclination.

They is easy to service, since it has a replaceable power source, which makes it possible to fix it without dismantling the lamp.

OPTIMA luminaires are produced with a capacity of 18, 25 and 36 watts.

The product is made under the license of LED-Effect


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