Safe World Technologies has modernized equipment


Safe World Technologies has modernized equipment

Since January 2017, the capacities of Safe World Technologies have expanded due to the replacement of the printer and the SMT mounting furnace.

As part of the production modernization program, we purchased ERSA Versaprint S1 printer and ERSA Hotflow 2/20 reflow oven. Today, ERSA is the largest supplier of soldering equipment in Europe and has representative offices in more than 70 countries. The use of these machines results in optimization of production processes in SMT installation.

ERSA VERSAPRINT S1 – a modern printer, with an integrated 100% quality control after applying the paste. VERSAPRINT S1 is a complete, multifunctional system with the possibility of even more control over the production process, in comparison with predecessors. A feature of this system is the automatic control of solder paste, which was obtained due to the method of laser triangulation.

ERSA Hotflow 2/20 reflow oven is an oven consisting of different heating zones. Hotflow 2/20 warm-up length is 3.8 meters, the cooling length is 1.2 meters, while the total length of the production part is 5 meters. Precise zone separation and uniform temperature distribution ensure the best soldering result. The line has a high throughput, simple settings of parameters and flexibility of the belt conveyor.

It is worth noting that the modernization of equipment has made it possible to increase our productivity by 2 times. With new capacities, Safe World Technologies can produce up to 14,000 lamps per month.