Client: Ukraine Vinnitsa
Date: 18 November 2016
Product: DVX

The FORD dealership, owned by “Autowin” is the official dealer of the brand in Ukraine. The project was implemented in the city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

The main target was to maximize level of lighting, while using minimum number of fixtures. What has been achieved, in accordance to the correct calculation of the amount of light on the building area. In accordance with the miscalculations in the program DIALux for area of 800 m2, we used 55 lamps DVX, which showed an average illumination level in LUX 430.

The installation of lighting was carried out in the area of vehicle maintenance. In this part of the dealership took the lamps DVX with a high level of protection as the equipment is under constant impact humidity and temperature changes.

Doliuk Mikhail , Director
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