Bosch Service

Client: Oswiencim Poland
Date: 24 December 2016
Product: DVX

Bosch Service official representative was recognised as the best auto service stations in Poland 2016. This unit of European company is globally recognized due to exceptional quality of customer service. As reported by top management they use only high-quality materials within daily workflow and construction of buildings. The main priority for the Bosch company is safety and health of their employees which approve the necessity to ensure high quality lightening. Also an important factor of choosing DVX lamps was the possibility to reach significant electricity savings.

Under this project 14 DVD lamps (power 42 W) were used to cover the area in 250 m. The number of demounted lamps were 16 each of which consisted of 2 lamps inside with power 56 W.
As a result total number of lamps was reduced by 2, energy consumption – by 1200 W or 2.5 times but at the same time the level of lighting has been increased from 200 to 340 LUX.