KEDR is an outdoor LED lights of a new generation. KEDR series luminaries are characterized with the slimmest housing within the professional lighting class, the housing is only 7 mm thick. FINEFREE innovative heat dissipation technology is implemented for the luminaries by installing inside them of the heaters of specifically developed composition of heat-conductive materials. far. FINEFREEl allowed to increase the efficiency of light devices in general more than 125 lm / W.

KEDR luminaries can be provided with additional optics to create the required illumination. Upon the request of a customer KEDR luminaries can be completed with LEDs of neutral white (4000K) or warm white (3000K) luminescence.
The luminaries housing are coated with powder paint, structure elements are made of stainless steel; the luminaries are weather-resistant, they have IP 67.
The luminaries are thoughtfully designed to allow for PSU replacement without the luminaries itself being dismounted.

– KEDR (UCO) are designed to be mounted onto standard street lighting poles of the diameter up to 48mm; they can also be bracket mounted onto walls subject to tilt angle adjustment.
– KEDR (UWO) are designed to be brakes-mounted onto walls subject to tilt angle adjustment.
– KEDR (USI) are designed to be suspended, to ensure safety for luminaries installation there are designed placeholders for safety ropes.

The product is made under the license of LED-Effect


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